Children’s Medical Research Institute
Annual Report

Content Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Concept, Design, Illustration, Infographics.

It takes a variety of thinking styles to solve the complex problems of childhood illnesses. The Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) combines organic and intuitive thinking styles with logic and reasoning to solve these diseases.

To highlight the benefits of collaborative thinking, the CMRI annual report was presented as a children’s brainteaser book, with intricate illustrations and riddles to solve along the way.

The report successfully demonstrated how dramatic advances in medical research are the result of collaborative thinking, while its clever use of art and puzzles captured the attention of more readers than any other CMRI report had in previous years.

Winner: Communication Arts – Design Annual.
Shortlisted: Create Awards - Best In Print.
Published in: Australian Creative, Communication Arts, Design Graphics Annual, Best in Design, Desktop, Create, Awards Issue, Creative Review.

Work created under GHO.