Mira Calix
Inside There Falls (Sydney Festival)

Short Film, Promotional Photography, Teasers, Behind the Scenes Documentary.

Program excerpt: An installation in the form of a shimmering labyrinth, Inside There Falls invites audiences to individually explore and seek out its secrets. From hidden pathways made of paper, voices emanate from all around and the entwinements of a pair of illusive and elusive dancers may be glimpsed.

In this astonishing creation from UK-based artist Mira Calix, the walls literally speak – music, voice and dance converge into a profound and fully immersive experience.

Inside There Falls is a space to dream and discover. Visually and aurally sublime, this world premiere work features appearances by Sydney Dance Company dancers and Associate Artists, choreography by Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, and narration by Hayley Atwell.

Director of Photography: Pedro Greig
Technical Assistant to PG: Tim Roche

Inside There Falls production credits
Artist: Mira Calix
Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela
Narrator: Hayley Atwell
Original Text: Brett Clegg
Dancers – Sydney Dance Company: Sam Young-Wright, Luke Mangraviti, David Mack, Laura Wood, Juliette Barton, Josephine Weise
Musicians: Violin: Daniel Pioro & Charlotte Bonneton; Viola: Robert Ames; Violoncello: Oliver Coates; Clarinet: Stuart King; Flute: Sarah O’Flynn
Executive Producer: Brett Clegg
Producer: Keri Elmsly
Project Managers: Erin Milne Australia &: Aymie Backler United Kingdom
Fabrication: James Shearer (Other Fabrications)
Sound Design and Technical Consultancy: David Sheppard (Soundintermedia)
Architect: Irene Shamma
Lighting Design: Alexandros Tsolakis & George Konstantitou (Overcraft) Nick Raymont
Audio System Development: Dave Meckin
Creative Technologist: Jonathan Green
Fabrication Assistants: Lily Hunter Green, Bob Bicknell Knight, Ali Orr, Ruth Lea, Isabelle Harte
Costume Design: Fiona Holley
Recording Engineers: Adrian Libeyre Ramirez, Neil Quinlan
Assistant to Mira Calix: Eleanor Beck
Catalogue Design: Fraser Muggeridge Studio

Original score Silver Men Drown written and produced by Mira Calix published by Mute Song and recorded at Mute Studios, London.