Scattered Rhymes: In my own words

Film Direction, Art Direction, Concept Development, Photography, Film Editing.

Nominated for an Australian Dance Award for Dance on Film, Scattered Rhymes is a short dance film exploring a unique relationship between poetry, choreography and music.

The film was directed by Pedro Greig, featuring choreography by Rafael Bonachela with an original score by acclaimed GRAMMY® nominated composer Tarik O’Regan and Australian composer Nick Wales.

Photography & Editing: Pedro Greig
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Narrated by: Thomas Bradley, Todd Sutherland and Juliette Barton
Written by: Pedro Greig, Todd Sutherland and Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch)
Original Musical Score: Tarik O'Regan with Nick Wales
SDC Dancers (in order of appearance): Holly Doyle, Bernhard Knauer, Jesse Scales, Janessa Dufty, Fiona Jopp, Juliette Barton, Alana Sargent, Thomas Bradley, Petros Treklis