Creative Direction, Curation, Lighting, Production.

Underbrella was a playful, immersive light and sound instillation where the familiar was transformed into the unexpected.

Conceived by collaborating artists Anna Meister and Jorden Martin, and curated and produced by SunnySideUp, the 3-metre sculpture was constructed entirely from umbrellas supported by a steel frame. Thousands of tiny bulbs illuminated the umbrellas from within. Beneath it, a joyful soundscape of rain, frogs and other creatures from the dewy night could be heard.

This delightful sculpture was created specifically for its allocated site in the Walsh Bay district as part of the The Vivid Sydney Light Walk - an event which attracts over 1.43 million people over a 3-week period.

Artists: Anna Meister, Jorden Martin
Lighting & Production: SunnySideUp